Carla gets a call from her sister: her father, to whom she hasn’t spoken for some time, is ill. That same day, Carla takes a flight to Almeria, her home town. There, the doctors give her father a few months of life. She refuses to accept this and, against everyone’s opinion, decides to take him to Barcelona for treatment.

The two of them set out on a journey to escape a reality that neither dares to face. And it will be on that escape that they end up finding themselves and can say finally goodbye.


Goya Awards. Spain. 2018

  • Best Actress – Nathalie Poza

PremiosFeroz. Spain. 2018

  • Best Actress – Nathalie Poza

Días de Cine Awards. Spain. 2018

  • Best Actress – Nathalie Poza
  • Best Actor – Juan Diego

ASECAN Awards. Spain. 2018

  • Best Actor – Juan Diego
  • Best Score
  • Best Production Design

José María Forque Awards. Spain. 2018

  • BestActress – Nathalie Poza

Medallas del Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos. 2018

  • Best Actress – Nathalie Poza
  • Best Supporting Actress – Lola Dueñas

Actor´s Guild Awards. 2018           

  • Best Actor – Juan Diego
  • Best Actress – Nathalie Poza

Malaga Film Festival. Spain. 2017

  • Special Jury Prize
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Leading Actress –Nathalie Poza
  • Best Supporting Actor – Juan Diego
  • Critics’SpecialMention to cast performances

Festival Int. Cine de Huesca. Spain. 2017

Festival Cine L´Alfas Del Pí.Spain. 2017

San Sebastián Int. Film Festival. Spain. 2017

Cinespaña. France. 2017

  • Best Actress -Nathalie Poza
  • Best Cinematography- Santiago Racaj

Gems – Miami Film Festival. USA. 2017

MostraInt. Cine de Sao Paulo. Brazil. 2017

Cinemed. France. 2017

SEMINCI. Spain. 2017

Festival de Cine Ópera Prima de Tudela. Spain

  • Best First Film


Best Film (Horizon D´Or award)


Award to the Artistic Career Juan Diego

FICAL- Almería Int. Film Festival. Spain. 2017

  • Secong Prize – Best Film
  • BestActress-Nathalie Poza
  • Best Actor -Juan Diego
  • Best Screenplay

Habana Film Festival. Cuba. 2017

Tübingen Spanish Film Festival. Germany. 2017

Manchester Film Festival. UK. 2018

  • Best Film and Best Foreign Film

Luxembourg Spanish Film Festival. Luxembourg. 2018

Polish Spanish Film Week. Poland. 2018

Nantes Film Festival. France. 2018

Ghent Film Festival.  Belgium. 2018

SINFIN Cinema – Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival. 2018

DIFFERENT – Spanish Film Festival – Paris. France. 2018


Original title: NO SÉ DECIR ADIOS
Status: Completed

Director: Lino Escalera
Cast: Nathalie Poza, Juan Diego, Lola Dueñas
Producers: Lolita Films, Mediaevs, White Leaf Productions

Year: 2017
Country: Spain
Genre: Drama
Running time: 96′
Language: Spanish
Spanish release: 19/05/2017