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About us

About us


Founded in 2016 by Géraldine Gonard, INSIDE CONTENT S.L. is a company focused on organizing events in the audiovisual industry, offering consulting services and distributing worldwide audiovisual content.

The company designs and produces since 2017 “Conecta FICTION”, the international networking event dedicated exclusively to the production of TV fiction content between Europe and America. Conecta FICTION takes place in Spain every year, mid-June. Through large experience and wide-ranging network of contacts in the audiovisual sector – both locally and internationally -, INSIDE CONTENT offers advisory and consulting services to production companies, tv channels, talent and institutions.  The company has recently distributed internationally first Lino Escalera’s awarded movie, “Can’t Say Goodbye”, selected in more than 30 festivals, as well as other Spanish feature films from talented directors such as “Diana” by Alejo Moreno and “The Burning” by Fernando Colomo.  The company has also acquired distribution rights of “Josefina”,  the first Javier Marco’s feature film, who has gathered several awards with his short films.

Géraldine Gonard

CEO & Founder +3468695921

Beatriz Cavanillas
Marketing Manager | +34 620 412 155

Manuela Díaz
Festivals & Traffic Manager | +34 918 313 356

Mónica Sanchez
Administration Manager | +34 918 313 356