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About us

About us


Founded in 2016 by Géraldine Gonard, an executive with extensive experience in the audiovisual sector, INSIDE CONTENT focuses on the design and organization of events for the audiovisual sector, offering consulting services to a number of companies in the industry as well as distributing audiovisual content worldwide.

With a team coming from the audiovisual industry and an international focus, INSIDE CONTENT works every day towards building a powerful audiovisual industry.



Due to our extensive experience and wide-ranging network of contacts in the audiovisual industry –both locally and internationally–, INSIDE CONTENT offers advisory and consulting services to production companies, broadcasters, platforms, talent, and institutions.


Since 2017, the company designs and produces Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT, one of the top-10 international networking events exclusively dedicated to the production of TV content, scripted as well as unscripted, between Europe and America. Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT takes place every year in Spain.
Moreover, in 2021, INSIDE CONTENT also designed and produced ONSeries Lisboa, an international showcase of the Portuguese TV industry, which took place in Lisbon.


INSIDE CONTENT handles international rights for several feature films.


In 2020, INSIDE CONTENT received a Business Excellence Award for Best Audiovisual Industry Events Experts (Spain), awarded by the magazine Acquisition International.

Géraldine Gonard is a member of the International  Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and, since 2020, she has hosted several semifinal sessions of the International Emmy Awards.

Géraldine Gonard

CEO & Founder +3468695921

Beatriz Cavanillas

Marketing Manager | +34 620 412 155

Alba Pérez
Programme Coordinator