A journey through Spanish cinema history that analyzes the sexist point of view offered in many films about women.

The documentary includes scenes from the times of the Spanish Republic, in the thirties, up to the present through 180 fragments of different movies.

San Sebastián Film Festival. Spain 2013

Festival de Cannes. France 2013 (Cannes Classics)

CineHorizontes. France. 2013

  • Best Documentary

Platino Awards. 2014

  • Best Documentary

Different! L’autreCinémaEspagnol. France. 2013


Original title: CON LA PATA QUEBRADA
Status: Completed

Director: Diego Galán
Producers: Enrique Cerezo P.C., El Deseo S.A.

Year: 2013
Country: Spain
Genre: Documentary Film
Running time: 83′
Language: Spanish
Spanish realase: June 2013